Flare activity and starspots on the red-dwarf system Gliese 490 AB /BD +36 degrees 2322/

B. R. Pettersen
1980 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Flare activity is discovered on the red-dwarf system Gliese 490 AB. It is likely that the flare occurred on the brighter component. This star also had starspots in April and June 1979. The flare occurred when the spot group was facing the earth. A rotational period of 3.17 days is deduced from the observed data. It follows that the equatorial rotational velocity of Gliese 490 A is about 9 km s -1 .
doi:10.1086/130645 fatcat:r57qrdxshvfgxgqslhwnufy36y