Flexible High-Resolution Force and Dimpling Measurement System for Pia and Dura Penetration during In Vivo Microelectrode Insertion into Rat Brain

Lei Chen, Jeremiah Peter Hartner, Tianshu Dong, Annie Dian-Ru Li, Brendon Omar Watson, Albert J Shih
2021 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering  
Understanding the in vivo force and tissue dimpling during micro-electrode implantation into the brain are important for neuro-electrophysiology to minimize damage while enabling accurate placement and stable chronic extracellular electrophysiological recordings. Prior studies were unable to measure the sub-mN forces exerted during in vivo insertion of small electrodes. Here, we have investigated the in vivo force and dimpling depth profiles during brain surface membrane rupture (including
more » ... in anesthetized rats. A N-resolution cantilever beam-based measurement system was designed, built, and calibrated and adapted for in vivo use. A total of 244 in vivo insertion tests were conducted on 8 anesthetized rats with 121 through pia mater and 123 through dura and pia combined. Both microwire tip sharpening and diameter reduction reduced membrane rupture force (insertion force) and eased brain surface penetration. But dimpling depth and rupture force are not always strongly correlated. Multi-shank silicon probes showed smaller dimpling and rupture force per shank than single shank devices. A force measurement system with flexible range and N-level resolution (up to 0.032 N) was achieved and proved feasible. For both pia-only and dura-pia penetrations in anesthetized rats, the rupture force and membrane dimpling depth at rupture are linearly related to the microwire diameter. We have developed a new system with both N-level resolution and capacity to be used in vivo for measurement of force profiles of various neural interfaces into the brain. This allows quantification of brain tissue cutting and provides design guidelines for optimal neural interfaces.
doi:10.1109/tbme.2021.3070781 pmid:33798065 fatcat:xmt4i3mghzbitp6ovpkjcru6ga