Environmental Aspects of a Common Rail Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel/Diesel Blends

Wincenty Lotko, Ruslans Smigins, Dimitrios Tziourtzioumis, Milena Górska
2022 Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal  
The purpose of the study was the research concerning the emissions of limited exhaust gas components of the AVL research engine equipped with common rail injection system, fuelled with different biodiesel blends and diesel fuel as reference. In details, the engine was powered with mixtures of rapeseed methyl esters with diesel fuel in the volumetric ratios of 10:90, 20:80, 30:70, 40:60 and 50:50. The tests were performed at: 1200, 1700 and 2200 rpm and the torque T = 5-35 Nm (step 5 Nm). The
more » ... lysis of the obtained results showed that the emissions of hydrocarbons from the tested engine fuelled with biodiesel are lower than that of diesel fuel. Carbon monoxide emissions are also lower, except for low rotational speeds and low engine load T = 5-20 Nm. As for nitrogen oxides emissions, it is also lower than that for the diesel fuel, except for high engine loads, in the range above 25 Nm, for each rotation speed of the engine load characteristics. Moreover, in this research it was confirmed that emission of particulate matter is also slightly reduced for the engine fuelled with tested blends.
doi:10.12913/22998624/154575 fatcat:3pyohstf25e2dl72fbmyv7dbnu