The Benefits of Culling, Consuming, and Banning Live Imports as Methods of Controlling Lionfish Populations

Jacqueline Wilson
The invasive species Pterois miles and Pterois volitans, better known as lionfish, have created the need for vast efforts to control their populations in Florida. Many solutions have been discussed, including: training reef sharks to prey on lionfish, expanding the culinary market, banning imports, and culling (Culling is targeting a specific species with a goal of reducing its population). This paper argues that culling is the most effective because it is the most the most widely researched
more » ... ution out of the four, it has been seen to work in multiple studies, and people are currently working on ways to mitigate the negative effects of culling. While culling is the most effective method individually, implementing and maintaining a combination of multiple solutions will allow for the most effective results. Determining the most effective method of eradicating invasive lionfish is important (particularly for fishermen and private organizationsin Florida) because lionfish are consuming dangerous amounts of fish in the Florida reef systems and destroying the environment. There are a variety of ways that culling could be implemented, from government agencies to private organizations.
doi:10.48497/8bbp-nn40 fatcat:4pdzahgbybbaleg7koblhxxgay