On New Interfacial Four-Potential Acoustic Sh-Wave In Dissimilar Media Pertaining To Transversely Isotropic Class 6 Mm

Aleksey Anatolievich Zakharenko
2017 Zenodo  
This theoretical work documents one new interfacial shear-horizontal (SH) acoustic wave, the propagation of which is supported by the common interface between two dissimilar solid materials. For the treated case, four potentials (4P) such as the electric, magnetic, gravitational, and cogravitational potentials contribute in the wave motion in both dissimilar media pertaining to the transversely isotropic class 6 mm. This new interfacial acoustic SH-wave is guided by the perfectly bonded
more » ... e between two dissimilar solid continua. It was mathematically found the explicit form for calculation of the propagation velocity of the new interfacial wave. The existence condition for the new interfacial 4P-SH-wave was also discussed. Further developments in this research arena can be useful in constitution of various optical and microwave technical devices when some gravitational phenomena for new communication era technical devices must be taken into account. It is hoped that the contribution of some gravitational phenomena can be also helpful for the nondestructive testing and evaluation of common interfaces between two suitable solid materials as well as to record changes in the adhesive properties at the interface located within an adhesive bond joining two solids. The obtained theoretical results can be also used in educational purposes of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1301214 fatcat:eofd7dvgrrf5jgb3jiisy7aaaq