Quenched carbonaceous composite (QCC) as a carrier of the extended red emission and blue luminescence in the red rectangle

S. Wada, Y. Mizutani, T. Narisawa, A. T. Tokunaga
2008 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractFilmy-QCC is an organic material synthesized in the laboratory, and it exhibits red photoluminescence (PL). The peak wavelength of the PL ranges from 650 to 690 nm, depending on the mass distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules, and the emission profile is a good match for that of the extended red emission in the Red Rectangle nebula. The quantum yield of the PL ranges from 0.009 to 0.04. When filmy-QCC is dissolved in cyclohexane, it exhibits blue PL in the
more » ... ngth range of 400–500 nm with a quantum yield of 0.12–0.16. The large width of the red PL and the large wavelength difference between the PL of the filmy-QCC as a solid film and in a solution indicate that there is a strong interaction between the components of filmy-QCC. The major components of filmy-QCC are PAHs up to 500 atomic mass units. Our laboratory data suggest that the blue luminescence observed in the Red Rectangle nebula is probably caused by small PAHs in a gaseous state, and the extended red emission is caused by larger PAHs in dust grains.
doi:10.1017/s1743921308022060 fatcat:4zyurtqp7zb5flpyn6jtk2ts3y