Promoting Character Social and Morals through Islamic Educational Values

Ida Umami
2019 Proceedings of the The First International Conference On Islamic Development Studies 2019, ICIDS 2019, 10 September 2019, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia   unpublished
Character education is aimed at achieving the five goals. Firstly, it is to develop affective potency of the students in their context as human and citizen inheriting their nation character values. Secondly, it is to develop the noble habit and behaviour which are in line with the universal values and the nation religious tradition. Thirdly, it is to strengthen the students' leadership and their sense of responsibility as to the next generation of the nation. Fourthly, it is to develop the
more » ... nts' competency so that they could be autonomous, creative, and possess nationality insight. Finally, it is to develop the school as a good learning environment so that it could support the growth of honesty, creativity, and friendship with the pride of nationality and dignity. The morality education, in turn, lead to a holistic personality possessing a high moral standard in speech, action, attitude, thought, feeling, work, and output which are in line with the religious values, norms, and the noble moral of the nation.
doi:10.4108/eai.10-9-2019.2289360 fatcat:idt4jztxxrbjviidqtv6dll3bm