Development of a Basic Liberal Arts Curriculum Related to Coding to Strengthen Core Competencies -Focusing on Python programming basics

Heekyung Hong
2021 The Korean Association of General Education  
Today's university education derives the core competencies of future talent. In addition, in order to strengthen these targeted core competencies, teaching and learning methods and educational evaluation methods are being studied through various approaches. Within this trend, the need for performance evaluation is being emphasized more in a curriculum that requires technical, procedural, and experiential knowledge in order that it might be evaluated in connection with core competencies, such as
more » ... coding education. Also, the need to develop a rubric that can guarantee the reliability of the results as an objective standard to evaluate performance is growing. This study develops a core competency convergence rubric to strengthen the core competency targeted in the coding-related basic liberal arts curriculum. Furthermore, by actually applying this rubric, we hope to closely examine the appropriateness and effectiveness of this developmental tool. The subjects of this study were 59 students who responded to the questionnaire after taking coding-related courses in the first semester of 2021. The questionnaire prepared, distributed, and obtained in the Google questionnaire environment was used as analysis data. As a result of the quantitative questionnaire analysis, we found that the positive perception among the students was high in terms of their improvement of creativity and convergence thinking, which was achieved by linking the curriculum and the core competencies, along with the effectiveness and suitability of the developed rubric. In the qualitative analysis, we found such effects as: "direction guidance", "performance standard(standard)", "improvement of task completion", "excellence of approach", "self-inspection tool" and "providing psychological satisfaction".
doi:10.46392/kjge.2021.15.4.187 fatcat:gv3o6xpj3rcippjycga7fhakjy