Anselm's Influence on the Teaching of the Summa Halensis on Redemption [chapter]

2020 The Summa Halensis  
It has long been recognized thatthe Summa Halensis wasone of thefirst texts to extensively engage thearguments of Anselm's CurDeushomo. As aresultofthis engagement,A nselmc an rightlyb et hought of as exercisingagreat deal of influenceo n howt he Summa understands Christ'sr edemptivew ork. We seet his influence, fori nstance,w hen the Summa takes up questionsA nselmp oses aboutr edemption, such as whether satisfaction is necessary for sino rw hether only aG od-man canm akes atisfaction. Without
more » ... denyingthe influenceofAnselmonthe soteriology of the SummaHalensis,this chapterfocuses primarilyonhow the Summaboth modifies Anselm'sideas ands upplements them.Thus, Ie xamine howt he Summa employst he distinction between God'sa bsolutea nd ordained power to modify Anselm'sc laimsr egarding the manner in whichc ertain aspectso fG od'sp lano fr edemptiona re deemed necessary. Also, Is how thatP eter Lombard's Sentences significantlyshape how the Summa interprets what Anselm writes about Christ'ss atisfaction andm erit.F inally,Iconsider how the Summa drawsonother authorities such as Gregorythe Great andJ ohnDamascene to supplement Anselm'sa ccount of redemption.
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