Tendências e oportunidades em lógicas institucionais: um estudo baseado em pareamento bibliográfico

Luis Miguel Zanin, Júlio Araújo Carneiro Da Cunha
2020 Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia  
Objective: Analyzing, through bibliographic coupling, possibilities and opportunities of future studies in institutional logics, highlighting opportunities for strategy and organization area.Methodology/Approach: This is a bibliometric study which analyzes the production in institutional logics through the technique of bibliographic coupling.Originality/Relevance: Institutional logics are a recent development of neo-institutionalism and offer an opportunity for studies indicating the main
more » ... ilities for contribution both in the theme of the institutional logics itself, and in the relationship with strategy.Main Results: Due to the maturity of the neo-institutional theory the institutional logics are , in a way, a cohesive path. However, unlike neo-institutionalism, it presents itself as an option based on institutional theory to explain changes and innovations, which are important subjects to strategy.Theoretical/Methodological Contributions: This paper presents three contributions: a) it indicates which themes within the field are more mature, such as institutional complexity, and which are emerging, such as hybridization and categorization as an element of institutional change: b) it shows that the studies in strategy are more related to institutional logics, such as the theory of upper echelon and the decision making; and c) it indicates other possibilities, from following the alignment of identity and its reflection on the performance of the organization to consider the institutional logics as elements that may guide the decision making process of organizations, including the point of view of strategy as practice. Finally, regarding method, this work contributes to the use of techniques of bibliographic coupling.
doi:10.5585/riae.v19i1.13926 fatcat:7ih73qhphncipb54q4m5wg7tw4