Reactions of Various Nucleophiles withd-Glucal over Keggin-Type Heteropoly Compounds: A Simple, Rapid, and Expedient Method for the Synthesis of Pseudoglycals

Ezzat Rafiee, Sara Eavani, Mohammad Joshaghani
2010 Journal of carbohydrate chemistry  
Different catalysts derived from Keggin-type heteropoly compounds were prepared and their catalytic activities have been compared in the iodination of benzyl alcohol with KI under mild reaction conditions. A high catalytic activity was found over tungstophosphoric acid supported on silica and titania. The effect of catalyst loading, iodine source and the nature of substituents on the aromatic ring of benzyl alcohol were investigated. Finally, several competitive reactions were studied between
more » ... e studied between structurally diverse alcohols. This protocol provides a mild and expedient way for the conversion of various alcohols to their corresponding alkyl iodides with high selectivity. KEYWORDS Keggin-type heteropoly compounds, supported catalyst, alcohols, alkyl iodides, potassium iodide.
doi:10.1080/07328300903477796 fatcat:sr5m4w24w5bhhpqt3ipdgu2p7u