Use of the Internet by

Gregorio José, Quijada, Homero, A Monsanto-Planadeball, R Ph
2008 PRHSJ   unpublished
Objective: To determine the extent of the use of the Internet by physicians in Puerto Rico to support their clinical practice. Methods: Personal interviews were conducted among a representative sample of 385 physicians from different specialties and geographical regions in Puerto Rico. Results: Eighty-one percent physicians who participated in the survey reported the use the Internet in their practices. Rheumatologists, endocrinologists and cardiologists were the specialties with the highest
more » ... ge rate. Internet use decreased as age of the physicians increased. The great majority of those who use the Internet do it from home (81%) followed by the office (68%). Almost two-thirds used dial-up to connect to the Internet at home or at office. The Internet was used mainly for professional purposes to look for references (92%), communicate with colleagues (33%) and obtain continuing education (31%). Conclusion: There was a high Internet utilization rate among physicians in Puerto Rico, regardless of the specialty. The utilization rate was similar to that reported among physicians from other countries.