ECONOMIC IMPACT OF ATT ON PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES - A Cross-Sectional Study in Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore

Abad Mehmood, Shahroze Wajid, Mahboob Alam Chishti, Mohammad Basil Rizvi, Mahmood Alam, H. M. Amjad, Luqman Sadiq
2020 Zenodo  
Background: In order to inform the development of different strategies needed to deal with the alarming economic impact on TB patients, a study was conducted to assess the economic impact of TB on patients and their families belonging from the urban, peri urban and rural areas in Gulab Devi hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. Methods: A cross-sectional study was done in Gulab Devi Hospital during June 2017. 166 Sputum positive primary TB patients undergoing treatment were included in the study under
more » ... the study under time-based convenience sampling. Using a self-constructed questionnaire, an interview was conducted of each patient which took about 15 to 20 minutes each. Various demographic factors were determined. The direct and indirect medical costs and income loss was determined. Income per capita and total medical costs were calculated. Data analysis was done on IBM SPSS v23. Results: The mean total medical cost ranged from Rs.0 to 66,600 with an average of Rs.6371 ± SD rupees. The mean direct medical cost was calculated to be Rs.1095 ± SD that accounted for 18% ± SD of the total medical cost (TMC) and mean indirect medical cost was calculated to be Rs.5250 that accounted for 82% of the TMC. The mean total medical cost is 26% of the mean total family income. TMC was found to be higher in the rural patients as compared to the urban patients (p<0.05). 53% people lost their job because of TB, so had an income loss but those who did not leave their job didn't. Commonly reported coping mechanisms (33.2% people) were money borrowing, selling of assets and leasing of assets. The average income per capita of our subjects was 4765 rupees and 3983 rupees monthly respectively for urban and rural areas, which is almost equal to the national poverty line of 3627 and 3153 rupees monthly income per capita respectively in urban and rural areas. So a mean total month ly medical cost of 6371 rupees due to TB put an extra burden on their budget. Conclusion: Total medical cost in the TB patients was found to be catastrophic particular [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4389201 fatcat:oiy3ifcarnd3hpbzfbzdmcrthe