Dynamically Reconfigurable, Multifunctional Emulsions with Controllable Structure and Movement

Kang Hee Ku, Jie Li, Kosuke Yoshinaga, Timothy M. Swager
2019 Advanced Materials  
Dynamically reconfigurable oil-in-water (o/w) Pickering emulsions are developed, wherein the assembly of particles (i.e., platinum-on-carbon and iron-on-carbon particles) can be actively controlled by adjusting interfacial tensions. A balanced adsorption of particles and surfactants at the o/w interface allows for the creation of inhomogeneity of the particle distribution on the emulsion surface. Complex Pickering emulsions with highly controllable and reconfigurable morphologies are produced
more » ... a single step by exploiting the temperature-sensitive miscibility of hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon liquids. Dynamic adsorption/desorption of (polymer) surfactants afford both shape and configuration transitions of multiple Pickering emulsions and encapsulated core/shell structured can be transformed into a Janus configuration. Finally, to demonstrate the intrinsic catalytic or magnetic properties of the particles provided by carbon bound Pt and Fe nanoparticles, two different systems are investigated. Specifically, the creation of a bimetallic microcapsule with controlled payload release and precise modulation of translational and rotational motions of magnetic emulsions are demonstrated, suggesting potential applications for sensing and smart payload delivery.
doi:10.1002/adma.201905569 pmid:31639256 fatcat:qlvc4i5pjrdxbokmu4ld6fkdp4