Conservation status of Goodeidae familiy fishes (Cyprinodontiformes) from the Mexican Central Plateau
Estado de conservación de los peces de la familia Goodeidae (Cyprinodontiformes) en la mesa central de México

Marina Y De la Vega-Salazar
2006 Revista de Biología Tropical  
Conservation status of Goodeidae familiy fishes (Cyprinodontiformes) from the Mexican Central Plateau. To establish the conservation status and threats for Goodeidae fishes in the high plateau of Mexico, I assessed limnological descriptions, and the reduction in range and in number of localities where they are found, in 53 localities (58.8% of historically reported localities). This assessment included the comparison of current collections with historical records. A principal component analysis
more » ... of limnological variables showed that most remnant Goodeid species inhabit localities characterised by low environmental degradation: few appear to have a high tolerance to environmental degradation. Overall, 65% of species suffered a reduction in number of localities where they are found. Almost all species face some conservation threat, considering the criteria and categories established by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Data suggest that one species is extinct (Allotoca catarinae), one more is extinct in the wild (Skiffia francesae), eight are critically endangered (Allodontichthys hubbsi, Allotoca goslinei, Allotoca regalis, Allotoca zacapuensi, Ameca splendens, Characodon audax, Hubbsina turneri, and Zoogoneticus tequila), eleven are endangered, eight can be regarded as vulnerable, four are "near threatened" and only two appear to under "least concern". Habitat loss, introduction of exotic fish, and being species with restricted physiographic range or ecologically specialised, are the main factors leading to the threat of extinction of the Goodeidae family. Recovery actions are needed for the conservation of this fish group.
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