A wavelet-based coarse-to-fine image matching scheme in a parallel virtual machine environment

J. You, P. Bhattacharya
2000 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
We present a wavelet-based, high performance, hierarchical scheme for image matching which includes 1) dynamic detection of interesting points as feature points at different levels of subband images via wavelet transform, 2) adaptive thresholding selection based on compactness measures of fuzzy sets in image feature space, and 3) a guided searching strategy for the best matching from coarse level to fine level. In contrast to the traditional parallel approaches which rely on specialized
more » ... machines, we explored the potential of distributed systems for parallelism. The proposed image matching algorithms were implemented on a network of workstation clusters using parallel virtual machine (PVM). The results show that our wavelet-based hierarchical image matching scheme is efficient and effective for object recognition. Index Terms-Feature detection, guided matching, Hausdorff distance, image matching, image pyramid, parallel algorithms, parallel virtual machine (PVM), wavelet transform.
doi:10.1109/83.862635 pmid:18262992 fatcat:xkyvc6rn2vffvebahqcvqnxmny