Development of the First Covalent Monopolar Spindle Kinase 1 (MPS1/TTK) Inhibitor [post]

Ricardo Serafim, André Santiago, Caio dos Reis, Jessica Takarada, Priscila Mezzomo, Katlin Massirer, Martin P. Schwalm, Mark Kudolo, Stefan Gerstenecker, Apirat Chaikuad, Stefan Knapp, Stefan Laufer (+2 others)
2021 unpublished
Monopolar spindle kinase 1 (MPS1/TTK) is a key element of the mitotic checkpoint securing proper chromosome segregation. It is being evaluated as a target in the treatment of aggressive tumors such as triple-negative breast cancer with several reversible inhibitors currently undergoing clinical trials. While long drug–target residence times have been suggested to be beneficial in the context of therapeutic MPS1 inhibition, no irreversible inhibitors are known. Here we present the design and
more » ... acterization of the first irreversible covalent MPS1 inhibitor <b>RMS-07</b> targeting a cysteine (Cys604) in the kinase's hinge region present only in few other protein kinases. The compound showed excellent MPS1 inhibitory potency and high selectivity against all protein kinases harboring an equivalent cysteine as well as in a larger differential scanning fluorimetry-based screening panel. Covalent binding was confirmed by mass spectrometry and X-ray crystal structure. We expect this tool compound to open new avenues for the design of MPS1-specific covalent chemical probes or drugs.
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.14601264 fatcat:xwtoa4et5zee5mf5phnakidwvm