Maryland Gazette March 1793

(:Unkn) Unknown
yetterday the. Tree of that in conicquence of many of the commons of that and I expeft the fitting will betaken up with them "S? Liberty wa», planted here with great province having declared their wifhe* for a monarcht-'ufnal." ' . -T' -' A pomp, anaiamidft the acclamation* of cal form of government, troops tave been fent into , NATIONAL CONVENTION of FRANCE, ti the people, almoft under the windows' the different garrifons there to inoculate the inhabitants , -)fiJut/fay, January 2, '• of the
more » ... ll where the magnificent lords with rcpuMicin prrnciples. It i* precifely the fame In the fitting of the firll inftant, the following copy of to . The Mtriou v« aflembled ih their circlei, and «t dewriM to that called the Circle of Equality, rhich hu opened a coromiffion ot fofty citizens; in ,U> aU civil and military powers arc vefled. ThU m.nifcon has nominated a c<|nnutee of general fafeen? of legilUion, and .another of war i the latter acluilly m the garrifon under it* command ; the , Jic of the guards has no other power than a fhadow ' formality. _______ M E N T Z, Dtamttr 15. General Cuflinc has declared this city to be in a t' of ricge, and has retired to it -with 40,000 men. |no *rc determined to defend it to the lall. The uffiawand Heffians, with the king and the land. thing in Brabant, where all thofe who vote' for the ancient coolUiutkm, and teftify their repugnance to the French levelling fyftem are pcrfecuted and imprifoned, Bqt thii it done for Uic good and greater liberty of the people, and under the name of fupportin» the fovereignty!!! -. .. ,. ExtraS tf a letter from Peril, Dettuhr 30. ' •' " Jfeflerday the drum was beaten throughout 'era
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