Terahertz Far-Infrared Spectroscopy VI. Astronomical Observations in the Submillimeter-wave and Terahertz Region
テラヘルツ・遠赤外分光 VI.サブミリ波・テラヘルツ帯における天文観測

2005 Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan  
The submillimeter-wave and terahertz region, whose wavelength is from 1mm to 0.1mm, is a frontier not only in spectroscopy but also in astronomy, but it will rapidly develop in the near future. In this article, the astronomical application in this wavelength region is reviewd both from technical and scientific points of view. As for the detection technique, we particularly focus on the heterodyne detection.
doi:10.5111/bunkou.54.356 fatcat:27linawh6zhh3ikvcnsyr3mgd4