The BAG2 and BAG6 Genes Are Involved in Multiple Abiotic Stress Tolerances in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Muhammad Arif, Zitong Li, Qiong Luo, Luhua Li, Yuequan Shen, Shuzhen Men
2021 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
The BAG proteins are a family of multi-functional co-chaperones. In plants, BAG proteins were found to play roles both in abiotic and biotic stress tolerance. However, the function of Arabidopsis BAG2 remains largely unknown, whereas BAG6 is required for plants' defense to pathogens, although it remains unknown whether BAG6 is involved in plants' tolerance to abiotic stresses. Here, we show that both BAG2 and BAG6 are expressed in various tissues and are upregulated by salt, mannitol, and heat
more » ... reatments and by stress-related hormones including ABA, ethylene, and SA. Germination of bag2, bag6 and bag2 bag6 seeds is less sensitive to ABA compared to the wild type (WT), whereas BAG2 and BAG6 overexpression lines are hypersensitive to ABA. bag2, bag6, and bag2 bag6 plants show higher survival rates than WT in drought treatment but display lower survival rates in heat-stress treatment. Consistently, these mutants showed differential expression of several stress- and ABA-related genes such as RD29A, RD29B, NCED3 and ABI4 compared to the WT. Furthermore, these mutants exhibit lower levels of ROS after drought and ABA treatment but higher ROS accumulation after heat treatment than the WT. These results suggest that BAG2 and BAG6 are negatively involved in drought stress but play a positive role in heat stress in Arabidopsis.
doi:10.3390/ijms22115856 pmid:34072612 fatcat:ydny5n24fbhazoz3sxd5xutusa