Studies on the burning of micro- and nanoaluminum particle clouds in air

P. Escot Bocanegra, V. Sarou-Kanian, D. Davidenko, C. Chauveau, I. Gökalp
2009 Progress in Propulsion Physics   unpublished
An experimental study has been conducted to determine §ame propagation velocities in micro-(6 µm) and nanosized (250 nm) aluminum particle clouds for various concentrations in air. The experimental results show faster §ame propagation in nanoparticle cloud with respect to the microparticle §ame. Maximum §ame temperature has been measured using a high-resolution spectrometer operating in the visible range. Analysis of combustion residual shows that nanoparticle combustion is realized via the
more » ... ealized via the gaseous phase. A laminar §ame model has been proposed based on this observation. Model parameters have been derived by ¦tting the experimental results.
doi:10.1051/eucass/200901047 fatcat:vu7dl6uvkvcqzojernvpxi2l2m