Impact of Intradialytic Fiber Clotting on Dialyzer Extraction and Solute Removal: A Randomized Cross-Over Study [post]

Floris Vanommeslaeghe, Iván Josipovic, Matthieu Boone, Wim Van Biesen, Sunny Eloot
2021 unpublished
Previous studies revealed the importance of biocompatibility, anticoagulation strategy, and dialysis mode and duration on fiber blocking at the end of a hemodialysis session. The present study was set up in ten hemodialysis patients to relate fiber patency to dialyzer extraction and removal of small and middle molecules. With only 1/4th of the regular anticoagulation dose, and using a Solacea™ 19H and FX800 CorDiax dialyzer, fiber patency was quantified using 3D micro-CT scanning for different
more » ... ialysis durations (i.e. 60, 120 and 240min). While Solacea™ showed good performance in all test sessions, fiber blocking in the FX800 CorDiax did not follow a linear process during dialysis, but was rather accelerated near the end of dialysis. Dialyzer extraction ratios were correlated with the percentages of open fibers. While the fiber blocking process affected extraction ratios (i.e. for phosphorus and myoglobin in the FX800 CorDiax), it had only minor impact on the removal of toxins up to at least 12kDa.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:z35puupfnrdi3exh4vjutbtao4