Studies on N-Nitrosamines in Fishery Products-II

1974 Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi  
Basic research has been conducted concerning methods for the extraction and cleanup of test solutions containing N-dimethylnitrosamine (DMNA) to be analyzed by gas-liquid chromatography (GLC), and a series of recovery tests of DMNA added to fish-ham samples were carried out. Results obtained may be summarized as follows: 1. DMNA in a fishery product can be extracted with CH2Cl2 under K2CO3 alkaline conditions when the extraction and separation by centrifugation are repeated 3 times at room
more » ... times at room temperature. 2. The concentration of a CH2Cl2 extract by rotary evaporation often cause a marked loss in DMNA recovery. However, it was found that under appropriate conditions more of DMNA could be recovered by rotary evaporation, the recovery being almost the same as the obtained with a Kuderna-Danish evaporative concentrator. 3. Clean-up of the CH2Cl2 extracts from fish roe products can be achieved by treat ment with a strong cationic ion-exchanger, Amberlite CG-120 resion bufferized at pH 6.5, while those from fish-sausage and ham can be purified by HCl-treated Celite 545 column technique. 4. Recovery of DMNA added to fish-ham samples was found to be about analyzed according to the present procedures, and the reason for the low recovery rate might be attributable to the loss of DMNA occurring during the 3 steps of concentration of CH2Cl2 extracts in vacuum.
doi:10.2331/suisan.40.87 fatcat:r2sxg5pz6ne3favxkfgwci3jcq