Numerical Modeling of Thermo-Acoustic Streaming

Kazutaka TACHI, akuo KUWAHARA, Mitsuaki TANABE
International journal of microgravity science and application  
The thermoacoustic streaming is a new type of convection that has been discovered experimentally under micrograv ity in our past work. The convection occurred when a droplet burns in a standing sound wave. When the droplet is placed between a node and an antinode, the ame is own in one direction. The ow is the "thermoacoustic stream ing". The detailed data on the ow eld of the streaming does not exist suciently. The elds have no ways to be ana lyzed besides DNS so far. Since the DNS requires a
more » ... ong computational time, a new numerical model with timeaveraged quantity is desired. To develop the time average model of the thermoacoustic streaming, we have analyzed the time variation of temperature distributions on the streaming. It has been conrmed that a force based on the acoustic radia tion force is the key to build the time average model. The force is taken into account to the Reynolds equation. The time average model has been named "ARF model". The DNS data are compared with the experimental data, and the ARF model data are compared with the DNS data. We have claried that the ARF model can be developed using the acoustic radiation force with appropriate constant and allows low calculation cost.
doi:10.15011/jasma.22.1.42 fatcat:iyad3scrljckzikzikt7k3dvoy