Anoplocephala sp. (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea) infection in horses in Central Italy

Cristina Roncoron, Antonio Fagiolo, Cristina Amoruso, Claudio De Liberato
2017 Veterinaria Italiana  
Species of Anoplocephalidae are cestodes affecting equines worldwide and causing many intestinal disorders. Between October 2010 and September 2013, 284 faecal samples of horses originating from Lazio Region (Central Italy) were tested for the presence of Anoplocephala sp. eggs by a classic copromicroscopic technique. Data regarding pasture‑dependence/non dependence, age, and sex of the horses were also collected. Statistical analysis, aimed at detecting possible associations between these
more » ... between these variables and Anoplocephala sp. prevalence, was performed. Anoplocephala sp. eggs were found in 13% of tested horses. Higher values of prevalence were recorded in females (15.2%), younger animals (<6 months old) (15.4%), and animals dependent on pasture for their diet (18.58%), the latter being the only statistically significant variable. Prevalence recorded in the present study is comparable to those reported in previous surveys based on coprological methods.
doi:10.12834/vetit.155.455.3 pmid:28365929 fatcat:kytmhadtxnarfcv2abt3fq7ygq