Sightings of southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) in Namibian waters, 1971-1999

J-P. Roux, P.B. Best, P.E. Stander†
2020 ˜The œjournal of cetacean research and management. Special issue  
Southern right whales were originally abundant in Namibian waters in winter and spring. They were either eradicated from the region ordriven to extremely low numbers more than a century ago. Since 1971, 36 incidental sightings and three aerial surveys confirm the regularpresence of the species within its historical calving range, between June and December. Calving has been recorded in four successive yearsand at least 10 calves were born in the area between 1996 and 1999, confirming the
more » ... e of a small established breeding population.This represents a northward extension of the hitherto known modern regular calving range in the South East Atlantic Ocean by more than1,000km.
doi:10.47536/ fatcat:5pxdzvs5k5eodgf6wxw7b5hstq