The Global Need for Application of Sustainable Security Engineering: Toward Post-Theory in New Security Studies
الحاجة العالمية لتطبيق الهندسة الأمنية المستدامة: التوجه نحو ما بعد النظرية في الدراسات الأمنية الجديدة

Idriss A. ben Tayeb
This study seeks to highlight the role played by security engineering as a new knowledge framework applicable to the world for achieving security. be designed by taking precautions and preparing useful ways of dealing with events. The post modernism world includes a huge number of security threats and challenges. This situation burdens the decision maker because of the dispersion of cognition and contradiction of strategies related to the many dangers in the age of globalization and their
more » ... ion and their speedy dissemination. Security in the world of globalization is a scarce requirement that indicates the urgent global need for applying a comprehensive and effective comparison on all levels that can affirm theoretical maturity in security studies or that all theories based on analysis and description have been exhausted. Moreover, the non-security phenomena can be explained, and their future may be anticipated. It is possible to go beyond the metatheory for security studies as a world frame applicable to secure all human beings by all security bodies (governmental or non-governmental, rational or irrational). The world is in severe need of the application of security engineering that is comprehensive and sustainable including the ‫امل�ستخل�ص‬
doi:10.26735/gupz7081 fatcat:5rxmmnlsh5gmfoc623iiw22h6m