Role of Core-Shell TiO 2-ZrO 2 Nanocomposite as a Visible Light Driven Catalyst

Priyanka Basyach, Madhabi Devi, Amarjyoti Choudhury
Journal of Material Science and Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
Here we report on a two step synthesis method of core shell TiO 2-ZrO 2 nanocomposites via a very cheap and simple sol-gel method. It is well known that TiO 2 exhibits very little absorbance in visible region. However its band gap may be altered by coating it with a shell layer. Such compounds show improved absorbance in visible regime than the core TiO 2. In our approach we used nanoscale ZrO 2 as the shell layer. The formation of core-shell nanostructure allows charge separation to occur at
more » ... ation to occur at the interface due to difference in band alignment of the two materials. The synthesis of core-shell TiO 2-ZrO 2 nanocomposite was followed by studying optical properties through characterization tools such as UV and PL spectra. Also, we investigated the structural and morphological properties of the core-shell nanostructures with XRD patterns. The nanosize was confirmed via HRTEM images A study on photocatalytic activity of the prepared core-shell nanocomposites under visible light is also performed for degradation of phenol which shows that the core-shell nanostructure induced way too better degradation than the core TiO 2 nanoparticle.