Automated Defect Analysis System for Industrial Computerized Tomography Images of Solid Rocket Motor Grains Based on YOLO-V4 Model

Junjie Dai, Tianpeng Li, Zhaolong Xuan, Zirui Feng
2022 Electronics  
As industrial computerized tomography (ICT) is widely used in the non-destructive testing of a solid rocket motor (SRM), the problem of how to automatically discriminate defect types and measure defect sizes with high accuracy in ICT images of SRM grains needs to be urgently solved. To address the problems of low manual recognition efficiency and data utilization in the ICT image analysis of SRM grains, we proposed an automated defect analysis (ADA) system for ICT images of SRM grains based on
more » ... he YOLO-V4 model. Using the region proposal of the YOLO-V4 model, a region growing algorithm with automatic selection of seed points was proposed to segment the defect areas of the ICT images of grains. Defect sizes were automatically measured based on the automatic determination of defect types by the YOLO-V4 model. In this paper, the image recognition performance of YOLO-V4, YOLO-V3, and Faster R-CNN models were compared. The results show that the average accuracy (mAP) of the YOLO-V4 model is more than 15% higher than that of the YOLO-V3 and Faster R-CNN models, the F1-score is 0.970, and the detection time per image is 0.152 s. The ADA system can measure defect sizes with an error of less than 10%. Tests show that the system proposed in this paper can automatically analyze the defects in ICT images of SRM grains and has certain application value.
doi:10.3390/electronics11193215 fatcat:ujvusqbk2zakpb74do3l5zpaiq