Ashish Kumar
2015 An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations August   unpublished
Tradition consists of several ancient codes by which Man is supposed to live in asociety. Epics, dances, rituals and socio-cultural arena come into the range of this phenomenon. Therefore, antiquity is not completely dead but can be realized as ahidden diagram of people's socio-psychology, andhas lost its democratic and liberal standards of living owning to hypocritical politics of political parties that is obviously based on certain temptations of vote-banksfrom certain communities in the
more » ... unities in the present time. This does not mean that grand narratives and epics are at fault because they have been misrepresented to propagate certain political ideologies. Every age has its own problems and issues, and literature always attempts to readjust values for betterment. Therefore, the whole play of de-modernization and re-modernization is always in a process of creating new things.ShashiTharoor's novel The Great Indian Novel (1989) has a unique potential to reinvent mythology and tradition for the welfare of society. Additionally, he attempts to fictionalize the Mahabharata mixing it with freedom struggle of India before 1947. Furthermore, his treatment of traditionalism is so liberal that it can be viewed as a tool to decolonize people from rigidity of human mindthat has created gaps between Man and Man communalizing socio-psychology of India in the present. No doubt, grand-narratives have provided unity for certain communities perpetuatinga belief system of a hegemonic cultural heritage; but now things have changed completely due to Information Technology and globalization. Therefore, there is a need to develop a global culture where men can have liberal attitudes towards differences of various communities. It does not mean to dismantle tradition and antiquity. On the other hand, there is a need to be born again humanly at socio-psychological levels on Earth through reinventing tradition.