Mohamed Mohamed, Mohamed Elshinawy, Ahmed Galal, Mahmoud Yousif
2020 Arab Universities Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
The purpose of this work was to study the effect of Fenugreek seeds powder (Trigonella foenum-gracum L.) and Camphor leaves powder (Cinnamomum camphora) on productive performance and immune response of Ross broiler chicken. A total of 100 day-old unsexed broiler chicks (Ross 308) were randomly allocated to five treatment groups with two replicates of 10 each reared for 42 days. The experimental diets were: Control diet (C), fenugreek seeds powder 1g/1kg (F1), fenugreek seeds powder 1.5g/1kg
more » ... powder 1.5g/1kg (F2), camphor leaves powder 1g/1kg (Cph1), camphor leaves powder 1.5g/1kg (Cph2). The F2 trait recorded the best results during most of ages for body weight and body weight gain. Dressing percentage of broilers at five week was significantly higher value for Cph1 group. The percentage of minor and major breast muscles showed a slightly nonsignificant increase to Cph2 trait. The drum muscle weight percentage showed a higher significant value for (Cph1) trait. The F2 group recorded the lower significant value for Giblets percentage compared to another groups and control group. The highest value for spleen percentage was recorded in F1 group and the lowest value showed in control and Cph2. Bursa gland recorded the highest value for F2 group and the lowest value recorded by Control and Cph2 group. The F1 group recorded the highest value for thymus gland percentage and the lowest value showed in Cph2 group. The Cph2 and F2 treatments had the maximum cutaneous basophilic hypersensitivity swelling response with insignificantly difference at 24 hr after injection, while at 48 hr, the Cph2 trait had significantly higher dermal swelling response compared to other traits and control group. The F1 and F2 groups had significantly hyper responder to sheep red blood cells at seven days post-secondary injection, while at fourteen days post-secondary injection, Cph2 and F2 groups had significantly hyper responses to sheep red blood cells. Therefore, fenugreek seeds and camphor leaves supplementation as a growth promoter at 1.5g / 1kg might be acceptable for achieving better performance under environmental conditions of Egypt.
doi:10.21608/ajs.2020.16863.1085 fatcat:mmim6vapxjaqpbrunxxtcyccwi