Non-parametric Depth Distribution Modelling based Depth Inference for Multi-view Stereo [article]

Jiayu Yang, Jose M. Alvarez, Miaomiao Liu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recent cost volume pyramid based deep neural networks have unlocked the potential of efficiently leveraging high-resolution images for depth inference from multi-view stereo. In general, those approaches assume that the depth of each pixel follows a unimodal distribution. Boundary pixels usually follow a multi-modal distribution as they represent different depths; Therefore, the assumption results in an erroneous depth prediction at the coarser level of the cost volume pyramid and can not be
more » ... rected in the refinement levels leading to wrong depth predictions. In contrast, we propose constructing the cost volume by non-parametric depth distribution modeling to handle pixels with unimodal and multi-modal distributions. Our approach outputs multiple depth hypotheses at the coarser level to avoid errors in the early stage. As we perform local search around these multiple hypotheses in subsequent levels, our approach does not maintain the rigid depth spatial ordering and, therefore, we introduce a sparse cost aggregation network to derive information within each volume. We evaluate our approach extensively on two benchmark datasets: DTU and Tanks & Temples. Our experimental results show that our model outperforms existing methods by a large margin and achieves superior performance on boundary regions. Code is available at
arXiv:2205.03783v1 fatcat:siyzfen2zjdhflllwwcnf743pa