Experimental Study of a Spray Flash Desalination

Haruo UEHARA, Yasuyuki IKEGAMI, Tsutomu NAKAOKA, Toshiharu HIROTA
1997 Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan  
In this paper, an experimental study of spray flash evaporation is carried out for the OTEC plant using an integrated hybrid OTEC cycle and desalination. Superheated water at temperatues of 24,30,40•Ž are injected into a low pressure chamber through cylindrical nozzles. The nozzles used are made of stainless tubing with internal diameters of 10.0, 15.0, 20.0mm and a length of 81.3mm. The temperature of the superheated water in the flash chamber is measured by 26 thermistors. The mean velocity
more » ... the superheated water varies from 0.89 to 4.46m/s. An empirical equation for predicting the non-equilibrium temperature difference is obtained. By using this equation, designers will be able to obtain easily the non-equilibrium temperature difference and the rate of fresh water.
doi:10.11457/swsj1965.51.34 fatcat:bnmqj7guk5ctrcx6jerqfw26s4