Protection of Cross-border Climate Displaced Persons in the South Pacific : Case of Tuvalu and New Zealand

Kyoko Kawajiri
Cross-border Climate Displaced Persons (CCDPs) are people who cross borders due to the impact of climate change in order to access the protection they need in another country. Despite the increasing number of CCDPs, current international laws do not provide sufficient protection for them. To address the issue, this study evaluates the possible responses for CCDPs from Tuvalu under the Immigration Act of New Zealand with the effective practices for CCDPs proposed by the Nansen Initiative. It
more » ... Initiative. It then goes on to identify the problems and recommend the possible solutions. The findings show that a new humanitarian visa category needs to be developed for protection of CCDPs who cannot under the labour migration scheme. This could hopefully contribute to New Zealand's further consideration of a new humanitarian visa category for CCDPs from Pacific islands.
doi:10.18910/68035 fatcat:lgfopaaunnhazefoaecbemuklm