The G Super Unified Theory—The G Gauge Theory of Gravitation

屹瀛 关
2016 Modern Physics  
This thesis puts forth G super-unified group and particle, and reveals the source for space and time. The direct product group is expressed as U(1) XSU(2) XSU(3) XU(4) which can also be expressed as single group U(20). This thesis points out that: with the gradual fall of temperature of the universe, the universe will break for the first time and generate U(4) XU(5) group to cause gravity separation expressed as U(4) (G particle) (gravity space-time) group. Afterwards, the gravity will break
more » ... o lepton and quark group, i.e. U(2) XU(2). The interaction of lepton and quark group will generate the present three-dimensional antisymmetric space and one-dimensional full symmetric time. When the universe breaks for the second time, the strong interaction is separated. When it breaks for the third time, weak interaction is separated; the remaining one-dimensional U(1) group will form electromagnetic interaction, i.e. SU(3) XSU(2) XU(1).
doi:10.12677/mp.2016.63004 fatcat:maupqyucdzd2zirqugvidy5tbq