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1894 Scientific American  
Cairo, Ill. This invention comprises a water tank and collecting chamber, with nozzles leading from the cham· bel' to the tank, and blast deviCes discharging into the tank for the separation of the soot. the nozzles opening below the surface of the water and having contracted dis charge openiIl gs. The invention is designed to effectu ally stop the emission of heavy products usually dIs charged in smoke from furnaces. COAL CHUTE.-J ohn Scully, South Am boy, N. J. This invention relates to
more » ... on relates to chutes for discharg ing coal from cars into vessels, coal bins, etc., and pro vided with screens over which the coal passes. The chute is supported on the usual framework, with tracks and openings between the rails for dumping the coal into pockets, in connection with which is an adjustable slid ing gate, arranged below which is a screen bottom, wbile a lower or swinging chute is hinged to the fi xed chute. The pitch of the swinging chute may be arranged as de sired, and the stream of coal is somewbat retarded, so that while an even and not too large quantity of coal will be run steadily over the screen, tbe coal will be kept and delivered in good condition. Railway ApplIances. CAR BRAKE.-John Mayer, Amster dam, N. Y. According to this improvement peculiarly constructed frictional contact blocks are supported above the track rails near the car wheels, aud means are pro vided to rock the blocks to cause them to have more or less bearing on the top faces of the rails, the faces of the blocks acting in a measure as cams to lift the car body from the track, and, in cases of extreme urgency, thus lifting the entire weight of the car upon the brakes.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06231894-396a fatcat:3avmrpxyojapnaqnl2xz4t5heu