J Venkatesh, Ms Lavanya Kumari
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review   unpublished
Nowadays, many businesses like banks, insurance companies, and other service providers realize the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and to help them acquire new customers retain existing ones and maximize their lifetime value in the case of MSME Sector. Customer Relationship Management is the process through which a business analyzes their customers and accordingly makes changes. This paper deals with the performance of Customer Relationship Management in MSME sector which
more » ... MSME sector which is increasing attention from all stakeholders in view of their low-capital-outlay and high labour-intensive nature. It is a strategy to understand the needs and behavior of the customers and clients of the organization, in order to nurture and manage organization's interaction with its customers to build strong relationships with them. In India lakhs of MSME's which participate in the manufacture of low cost, efficient and market suitable products and services to take care of all the market price levels in the consumer market.