Measured and simulated dark J-V characteristics of a-Si:H single junction p-i-n solar cells irradiated with 40 keV electrons

K. Lord, J.R. Woodyard
Conference Record of the Twenty-Ninth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2002.  
The effect of 40 keV electron irradiation on a-Si:H p-i-n single-junction solar cells was investigated using measured and simulated dark J-V characteristics. EPRI-AMPS and PC-ID simulators were explored for use in the studies. The EPRI-AMPS simulator was employed and simulator parameters selected to produce agreement with measured J-V characteristics. Three current mechanisms were evident in the measured dark J-V characteristics after electron irradiation, namely, injection, shunting and a term
more » ... shunting and a term of the form CV m. Using a single discrete defect state level at the center of the band gap, good agreement was achieved between measured and simulated J-V characteristics in the forward-bias voltage region where the dark current density was dominated by injection. The current mechanism of the form CV m was removed by annealing for two hours at 140°C. Subsequent irradiation restored the CV mcurrent mechanism and it was removed by a second anneal. Some evidence of the CV mterm is present in device simulations with a higher level of discrete density of states located at the center of the bandgap.
doi:10.1109/pvsc.2002.1190770 fatcat:uh76ykd6nzeeli5um2ps25o3ge