From Systematic Way to Informational Way: The New Tendency of Contemporary Scientific Thinking

Jian Wang, Ping Wang
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
As a kind of thinking mechanism that grasps motion, change and development of objects on the whole, systematic thinking contains a whole set of thinking principles, methods and operation procedures. With the uprising popularity of studies on informational system science and complexity theory, information reveals a new field that the philosophy of the past has not discovered. Wu's works are putting forward a wholly new scientific thinking way: the Informational Thinking. We can conclude
more » ... n conclude rationally from Wu's explanations of information that the character of informational thinking way can include and surpass the basic idea of systematic thinking way. So far as the whole process of scientific cognition is concerned, functions of informational thinking are expanded in several aspects.
doi:10.3390/is4si-2017-03941 fatcat:ufthp3cf6rgdlpmztashllxrze