X-ray Pinhole Camera in the Diagnostics Beamlime BL7B at PLS-II

Jin-Joo Ko, Jung Yun Huang, Dotae Kim, Dongwoo Lee, BongHoon Oh, Seunghwan Shin, Moohyun Yoon, JaeUk Yu, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.)
The beam diagnostics beamline BL7B using synchrotron radiation with 8.6 keV critical photon energy from bending magnet has been used to measure the electron-beam size and photon-beam profile on real-time basis. After the completion of the PLS-II, the Compound Refractive Lens (CRL) system was implemented in the optical hutch at BL7B to measure the electron-beam size from X-ray imaging. But we could not have a good image due to short focal length caused by limited space of the optical hutch. To
more » ... optical hutch. To solve this problem a Pinole Camera is implemented in the front-end of BL7B in return for the beamline extension. The progresses on the new x-ray imaging system is introduced in this presentation.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2018-wepc17 fatcat:2tfyyvrvdffzjietsj275gabpa