Musical Appreciation Taught by Means of the Phonograph. Kathryn E. Stone

1922 The Elementary school journal  
EDUCATIONAL WRITINGS 635 Reconstruction of the United States Army. Devoting his attention to the educational service in the United States Army hospitals, he shows how physical reconstruction and educational service were carried on hand in hand. He also points out the wonderful effects of educational activity as a curative treatment. His purpose is particularly to show how public education could function in the rehabilitation of those disabled in industry, this book being an effort to enable
more » ... ffort to enable this type of educational work to profit by the experience in the late War. The young men in hospitals, many of them undergoing long periods of convalescence, while receiving final medical and surgical treatment, responded wonderfully to the curative benefits of happy, interesting occupation. Physical reconstruction, as a whole, proved of great value in the maintenance of good morale and of discipline itself. There was more in physical reconstruction than the mere physical. It coordinated the active curative forces of mind and body [pp. 1-2].
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