Cypermethrin residue analysis of fruit and soil samples in eggplant ecosystem in Bangladesh

Shahinoor Rahman, Rahman, Hossain
2015 unpublished
Cypermethrin insecticide is now indiscriminately used by the farmers of Bangladesh in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) to protect from eggplant shoot and fruit borer (ESFB). The aim of this study was to determine the persistence of cypermethrin residues in eggplant fruit and in the soil of the eggplant crop field. Different concentrations of cypermethrin (1 ml/L and 2 ml/L) insecticide were applied in the eggplant field by the knapsack sprayer and the residues were analyzed by Gas
more » ... Gas Chromatograph-Electron Capture Detector technique. The results showed that cypermethrin residues determined from fruit and soil samples sprayed at the rate of 1 ml/L in the field were above maximum residue limits (MRL) up to three days after spraying (0.762 ppm) in fruit samples and up to five days after spraying in soil (0.608 ppm). In case of spraying 2 ml/L of cypermethrin, fruit samples have residues above MRLs up to five days after spraying (0.753 ppm) and soil samples have up to seven days after spraying (0.768 ppm). The results of this study suggested that the eggplant vegetable should be consumed at least three and five days after spraying cypermethrin if it was treated with 1 and 2 ml/L of cypermethrin, respectively.