EIW volume 1 issue 10 Cover and Front matter

1958 Worldview  
Doubleday. 211 pp. $2.95. Convinced that "the vast majority of churchmen are failing to realize the meaning and primacy of the first and great commandment of our faith," Dr. Sockman here explores the love that is due God and the ways in which it can nourish our love for others. Peace or Atomic W a r 7 by Albert Schwe'rtrtr. Henry Holt. 47 pp. $1.50. , A famous humanitarian makei an eloquent appeal to the conscience of nations for the cessation of nuclear tests. Dr. Schweitzer vigorously attacks
more » ... vigorously attacks the "reassurance propaganda" of the press ana official bodies, and sees the renunciation of tests as the prerequisite to disarmament talks. No Mora W a r !
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