Dietary patterns of ethnic non-indigenous populations in northern British Columbia: A cross-sectional survey study [thesis]

Yaser Ahmed
Dietary transitions and acculturation of different ethnic and immigrant subpopulations in western countries are associated with change in diet patterns and increased obesity risk. Loss of the "healthy immigrant effect" have been observed in such populations , so further research is critical. The study objectives were to a) explore dietary patterns for a sample from various ethnic backgrounds in northern British Columbia, b) examine the association between dietary patterns and healthy body
more » ... status. A cross-sectional survey instrument including a food frequency questionnaire was developed to collect data from 444 participants. Two predominant patterns were identified and termed "western" and "prudent" dietary patterns. There was a positive association between a "western" diet pattern and increased BMI (p < .05). Men had higher adherence to "western" diet patterns, and higher risk of overweight and obesity (p < .05). Interventions promoting adherence to prudent diet and retention of ethnic food habits are warranted.
doi:10.24124/2018/58879 fatcat:jsw4dgcof5hfvo63uh5hymx7jm