Acoustic radiation force and torque on spheroidal particles in an ideal cylindrical chamber [article]

Jose P. Leao-Neto, Mauricio Hoyos, Jean-Luc Aider, Glauber T. Silva
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We theoretically investigate how the acoustic radiation force and torque arise on a small spheroidal particle immersed in a nonviscous fluid inside an ideal cylindrical chamber. The ideal chamber comprises a hard top and bottom (rigid boundary condition), and a soft or hard lateral wall. By assuming the particle is much smaller than the acoustic wavelength, we present analytical expressions of the radiation force and torque caused by an acoustic wave of arbitrary shape. Unlike previous results,
more » ... these expressions are given relative to a fixed laboratory frame. Our model is showcased for analyzing the behavior of an elongated metallic microspheroid (with a 10 : 1 aspect ratio) in a half-wavelength acoustofluidic chamber with a few millimeters diameter. The results show the radiation torque aligns the microspheroid along the nodal plane, and the radiation force causes a translational motion with a speed of up to one body length per second. At last, we discuss the implications of this study to propelled nanorods by ultrasound.
arXiv:2009.08808v1 fatcat:qnug247spnbbnpeqy6y6gcqpcq