High-pressure foam method for the fracture and stripping of concrete structures

C. Young, F. Otuonye, J. Jia
2001 Magazine of Concrete Research  
A controlled foam injection (CFI) method has been developed, tested and demonstrated to have capabilities to fracture and strip reinforced concrete structures such as pavements and bridge decks. The method uses a high-pressure foam to initiate and propagate fractures in concrete structures. The breaker incorporates foam generating hardware capable of delivering pressures up to 100 MPa. Foams of various viscosities and stored energy can be formulated by varying the ratios of water, air,
more » ... ater, air, surfactant and gel. The foam may be generated externally to the actual controlled fracturing device in a conventional high-pressure reservoir using a variety of mixing and blending techniques. In contrast to methods using explosives to fracture and break concrete or rock, the CFI method does not generate ground vibrations or airblast. The foam components are biodegradable and environmentally benign. The CFI method can be used for demolition work or the repair and rehabilitation of degraded concrete structures.
doi:10.1680/macr. fatcat:culkvgv5abcxhhvf5al4r4q76y