Multilateral training improves body image perception in female adolescents

Francesca Latino, Gianpiero Greco, Francesco Fischetti, Stefania Cataldi
2019 Journal of Human Sport and Exercise - 2019 - Spring Conferences of Sports Science   unpublished
Body image is closely linked to psychological well-being during adolescence. Physical activity is effective for improving body image disturbance and to date limited body image intervention were undertaken through physical education. Therefore, the aim of this randomized controlled study was to investigate the effects of an 8-week multilateral training on body-image satisfaction and body-size perception. 50 female students, aged 14-15 years, were assigned to experimental group (n = 25) that
more » ... rmed an extracurricular multilateral training program (90 min., 2 days a week) including cardiovascular endurance, agility, dynamic strength, flexibility, and team-building activities, or control group (n = 25). At baseline and after 8-week, anthropometrics and the degree of personal satisfaction towards their body were measured by body weight, Body uneasiness test (BUT) and Contour drawing rating scale (CDRS), respectively. After multilateral training, experimental group showed significant improvements (p < 0.05) in body weight, BUT and CDRS scores. Control group showed no significant changes. Findings suggest that an extracurricular multilateral training program could increase the body image satisfaction and improve the body-size perception in girls. Thus, extracurricular activities such as multilateral training should be considered by physical educators.
doi:10.14198/jhse.2019.14.proc4.55 fatcat:vw7mj3tdqzaurdswveimzufnpm