National Motifs in Uzbek Tales

2017 Journal of Current Researches on Social Sciences  
Tales are not completely national unlike legends. They are both national and universal. Origins of tales date back to prehistoric times. However, they are added some aspects from the life style of the period in which they are told. One should seek the sources of tales above all in the native culture of the related nation. Each culture or civilization has its own tale motifs and tales. Some of these motif sor sometimes the tale as a whole travels allaround the world. Centuries later, these
more » ... and tales gain a universal value. This essay at first examines the national motives in Uzbek literature and afterwards the universal dimension of the tales.
doi:10.26579/jocures-7.2.8-baydemir fatcat:xdusyytixnflpiko2z7scmmwni