Nonverbal Communication In Public Administration: Modern Challenges

Tatiana Rezer
2021 unpublished
The authors have analyzed current risks and problems in the field of nonverbal communications in public administration. These include the following risks: the gradual loss of a modern person's ability to observe due to smartphone addiction; insufficient attention paid to the non-verbal communication channel in professional service activities; lack of the formation of non-verbal competencies in future officials. Using historical and comparative analysis, we studied the development of public
more » ... nication in society, analyzed the manifestation of non-verbal communication in modern politicians. The public communication means the level of verbal communication and social behavior of government representatives when information is transmitted to a large number of listeners. Therefore, it is necessary to train future politicians and officials and start this training from the first courses of higher education. The identified problems can be solved by implementing a special program "non-verbal communication in public administration" in the professional training of future officials. The results of a survey among students at Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin in the field of "State and Municipal Management" show that 63.4 % of respondents believe that the image of a competent and erudite official is also formed by knowledge of the laws of non-verbal communication in public activities. 2721 understanding of the psychology of subordinates and visitors, their motives, incentives, and goals. Therefore, the knowledge of the basics of non-verbal communication is an indispensable assistant in the management of an official. In our opinion, it is thanks to the knowledge of the features of nonverbal communication that effective management becomes possible. 3. An official's unformed competence in business communication may lead to incorrect construction of their business management strategy. Therefore, non-verbal communication becomes a key element that allows the state and municipal employee to formulate their management strategies correctly, as well as to adjust their actions clearly and timely depending on the constantly changing conditions of management (Rezer, 2019). In our study, 186 students enrolled in the field of "State and Municipal Management", aged 28 to 35 years, among them 68.3 % were male. 78.8 % of respondents positively answered the question: "Do
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.05.373 fatcat:3mvr6bneovdsrc5kp35qxqdwd4