Inhibitory Effects of Pressure on Soleus Muscle Motor Neuron Excitability and Flow Volume in Healthy Adults

Nodoka MIURA, Kazuo KUROSAWA, Masato HIROSE, Tomoya SUZUKI
2011 Rigakuryoho Kagaku  
Purpose] Various effects of pressure in physiotherapy have been reported. However, there is no research indicating moderate pressure intensity and time. The purpose of this study was to provide a fundamental article concerning moderate pressure intensity and time to inhibit spinal motoneuron excitability for application to spastic patients. [Subjects] The subjects were 16 college students (healthy adults). [Methods] The H-reflex and blood flow were measured using evoked EMG and ultrasonic
more » ... stic equipment while 10, 30, 50 and 100 mmHg of pressure was placed on the soleus. [Results] The results showed that 50 mmHg of pressure for 5 minutes had the most effect in inhibiting spinal motoneuron excitability without inhibiting blood flow. [Conclusion] We clarified that when 50 mmHg of pressure is placed on a target muscle belly for 5 minutes, spinal motoneuron excitability can be inhibited.
doi:10.1589/rika.26.773 fatcat:qbg6jyrqq5bhzg3ii47riksxw4